How Old Is My Bird In Human Years?

We usually consider 1 year for dog equals to 7 years for you. Similar to dogs, birds’ age should be viewed relative to its life span. Different bird species have different life span. Let me use a bird with about 20 years’ life span as an example to show you how to estimate its age in human years.

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Can My Birds Recognize Who Am I? (Video)

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Your Birds CANNOT Eat These! (with 5 Pics)

Avocado and chocolate can be fatal to your birds. What else? Some foods and drinks are also harmful to your birds, though some of them are human’s loves. Check the pictures as a quick guide.

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Common Mistake Bird Owners Make

You may be surprised to know that there are many potential pet hazards exist in your home, your washroom, kitchen, anywhere of your home.  How can we avoid tragedy?  Here is a checklist for you to remind yourself on providing a safety living environment for your pet birds.

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