【Why Do Birds Put Their Food Into Water Bowl?】

If your birds don’t put their food into the water bowl, you are a lucky person. It’s really a headache if your birds love putting food or toys into the bowl because it may possibly “pollute” their drinking water. Bird lovers are used to “monitoring” the water quality and changing it frequently every day.

However, changing water is not enough, what else? I am not suggesting that you punish your birds.

Firstly, you may need to understand why birds put their food into the water bowl, even though some birds do it simply just for fun…. According to some avian vets, birds usually put food into water in order to make it more digestible. Baby birds need to be fed by soft food too due to their undeveloped beaks.

When changing the water, one important thing you need to do is to check if there is any sticky or slippery thing on bowl’s surface. Bacteria can be easily generated if food has been put into water. A brush is a good tool to help clean the bowl completely.

Place the water bowl and food bowl in different locations. For example, water bowl at the upper part of the cage while food bowl at the lower, to distance the two bowls can be a solution. However, it may not be workable for those birds who love to do exercise inside cage, they may be excited with this arrangement instead. So at the end of the day, the food will still goes into the water bowl.

Alternatively, you can consider a water bottle feeder. But some birds don’t like it and may refuse to use. You need to be careful if the water bottle has a ball-point tube. You need to change the water everyday, clean the bottle and the bottle tube thoroughly because bacteria can be generated easily inside the tube. Don’t forget to check if the water can come out smoothly from the tube.

I have one more simple suggestion. You can place more than one water bowl into cage, but you have to make sure the cage has enough space for birds to flap their wings.

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