【Do Birds Fart?】

Do birds fart? The answer is “No”. However, I have heard one of my lovebirds emitted fart-like sound. Why would it happen?

Birds by nature do not fart. Mammalian intestines are very long. When intestinal gas is built up in the digestive system and expelled through the anus, it is so called “fart”. Birds are not mammals and their intestines are short. That’s why they can expel the gases more frequently and accumulation of gas in their digestive system is not possible.

Birds do not fart but my lovebird did make the fart-like sound. Why? That “fart” happened because she attempted to lay an egg. Whenever she lays her egg, she has to do her best to “push” the egg out, that would result in the fart-like sound.

By the way, if your bird is unable to lay the egg after a period of time (1 to 2 days), it may be egg binding, that is capable of causing death. You must take her to the vet immediately and do not try to push the egg out by yourself.

For more about Egg Binding, please browse 【Egg Binding In Birds】

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