【Common Mistakes Bird Owners Make】

You may be surprised to know that there are many potential pet hazards exist in your home, your washroom, kitchen, anywhere of your home.  How can we avoid tragedy?  Here is a checklist for you to remind yourself on providing a safety living environment for your pet birds.

Don’t turn on the fan when you let your birds go out of the cage. They will be hurt or die easily if they touch the fan accidentally.

Don’t let your birds under strong sunshine for a long time. If their mouth open, means they are thirsty.

You need to keep your birds warm, especially when the temperature is low or when your bird is sick. If your birds have fluffy feathers or are shivering, they may be too cold or get sick.

Watch your birds and don’t let them bite electrical wires or plants.

Beware of any sharp objects and broken pieces which would hurt your birds.

Feather oil can keep the bird warm. Don’t use hot water to bathe your birds’ bathing as it will hurt your birds, and the feathers’ oil may also be washed off.

Be careful, other pets may hurt your birds.

Don’t hold your birds’ necks as their necks are fragile and weak.

Don’t let your birds go to the kitchen or bathroom. Too many tragedies happened there. Fire and hot pot in kitchen are dangerous to birds. Don’t let your toilet board up because birds may fall into toilet accidentally (no kidding, my lovebird did but luckily I saved him)

Birds may hit the windows and mirror because they think these are exits when they are flying in your home. Use curtain to cover windows, cloth to cover mirror or simply remove the mirror.


If pet birds fly away, they can hardly survive. To avoid this tragedy from happening, you can trim your birds’ wings. If you don’t know how to trim the wings, look for an expert because you may hurt the birds.

You can simply use a gauze to cover the windows when your birds are out of their cages.

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