【As a Beginner, How To Choose a Healthy Pet Bird?】

A few people deliberately pick some disabled or sick birds as their pets, it’s challenging because extra effort and attention are needed. If you don’t have confidence to take good care of these birds with special needs, don’t try to do it because these birds’ situation might get worse if they are not nurtured properly. Choose a healthy bird to start with would be a better choice.

It is good to buy a baby bird, it’s more easier to train them up, though you need to pay extra effort to take care the baby birds. If you are a beginner, buy a baby bird of 1 to 2-month old, it knows how to eat on its own. Baby birds like eating all the time. You need to feed them frequently until they can eat by themselves.

The food for baby birds is totally different to adult birds. Baby birds cannot chew, they can only eat soft food or even liquid one.

As a beginner, it may be difficult for you to identify whether the bird is healthy or not. Try to observe the followings:

Check the bird breath. A healthy bird won’t breathe by mouth. If a bird keeps opening its mouth for breathing, it may be suffering from respiratory problem. Running nose, cough or sneeze are some of the symptoms.

Check its feathers. It should be shine and smooth. While baby birds’ feathers do not shine and looks a bit messy. The feathers should gradually become shine and smooth when they grow up.

Check its feet and toes. They should be in well shape and strong. However baby birds cannot stand properly until they are well developed.

Check its eyes. See if there is any dirty or stick secretion from its eyes, or any swelling.

Check its anus . See if there is any dirty or sticky stuff around due to diarrhea.  Never touch their anus, simply observe.

Check its response. See if the bird can response to your touch and interact with you. For baby birds, they may not be able to give you too many responses, they may sleep more often.

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