【Why My Bird Stop Eating?】

There are many reasons that your birds stop eating. As a pet bird owner, if your birds stop eating, you need to figure out the root cause as soon as possible.

Don’t be too worried if your birds stop eating. Check if the following situations happen.

  • Illness? Disease? Injured?
  • Changed birds’ food?
  • Just brought your birds home?
  • Having a new birdcage? Changed the food/water bowl?

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  • 生病?受傷?
  • 更換了食物?
  • 剛把鳥寶帶回家?
  • 換了新的鳥籠?換了食物碗/水碗?

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【Can Birds Eat Blueberries?】

Blueberries are good for human, they are also good for birds but suggest to offer as snack only.

Reminder: The seeds/pits of some fruits are harmful to birds, please check 【Keep Seeds/Pits Of Fruit Far Away From Birds】