【15 Tips : What Should Pet Bird Owner Do for Pet Bird Every Day?】

To provide a healthy and happy life for your pet birds, taking good care of them is your DAILY WORK. 15 Must-Read Tips that you should follow and do it for your pet bird every day.

(1) Clean the cage every day.  Use clean water and a brush to clear the excreta inside cage. Don’t forget to clean the perch as well.

(2) Clean the water bowl and food bowl and the perch as well to avoid germs from generating, which may cause the bird sick because the bowls may generate disease from time to time.

(3) Replace drinking water every day, clean water is fine. Provide enough and healthy bird food every day. Don’t let your bird eat something expired or from unknown source.

(4) If you give veggies or fruit to your bird, give them fresh and washed one.

(5) Use a cloth or towel to cover the cage during their bed time. Don’t cover the cage wholly; allow a narrow gap for your bird to see outside. Take away the cloth or towel in the morning.

(6) Let birds have sun bath, but not too long time and not under very strong sunshine. Give your birds enough drinking water when having sun bath.

(7) Many birds are afraid of cold weather, so keep your birds warm is important. Use a cloth or towel to cover the cage during their bed time is a must in winter.

(8) Don’t put your birds too close to air-conditioner or heater.

(9) Don’t put the birds outside of the home under cold weather, strong wind and rainy days.

(10) When you allow your birds to come out from the cage during playtime, make sure all windows are closed to avoid them from flying out.

(11) Some birds love to have a bath, give them a bowl of water to enjoy bathing. Don’t use hot water because hot water would wash off their feathers oil.

(12) If your birds are afraid of bathing in a bowl, you may spray water on them gently instead.

(13) Pay attention to your birds every day. Any change from the normal practice and behavior, such as sleeping all day, lack appetite, picking off their feathers, abnormal excreta; that may already reflect some health issues. If you are not sure, take them to avian vet as soon as possible. 【How To Know Your Bird Is Sick?】

(14) Old birds require special care. Some may have visual depreciation and may not be able to see things clearly. It is necessary to keep all things in the cage at the same location where the old birds are already familiar with.

(15) Don’t force the old birds to get out of the cage in order to avoid any accident. Old birds may be tired all the time; their bones may be fragile and weak; it is also tough for them to balance too.

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