【My Bird Loves To Eat Seeds Only, What Should I Do?】

If your bird loves eating seeds but as the owner, you are worried that your bird will be overweight by eating too many seeds, try using oats instead of seeds. Oats are good for humans’ cardiovascular and also good for our birds. Oatmeal is rich in dietary fiber, carbohydrate, low fat, high protein, vitamins and minerals.

The seeds are not that bad actually, due to their high fat content, they cannot be fed often. At the same time, do not use oatmeal as a daily meal (basic meal) for your birds because it is not nutritionally balanced. If your bird needs to gain weight, you can add seeds to your bird’s daily diet.

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I am feeding the birds uncooked instant oatmeal, although cooked oatmeal is also good for birds, DO NOT ADD MILK. Cannot feed the processed oatmeal that has been added milk powder or any supplement. Add some oatmeal to bird food/basic meal, just simple.

In addition to instant oats/ quick cook oats, steel-cut oats and rolled oats are also good choices for feeding birds. Steel-cut oats have a chewy texture and nutty flavor, while rolled and instant oats are milder with a softer texture. Steel-cut oats are the least processed of the three.

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