【Can My Birds Eat Rosemary As A Snack?】

Rosemary is good for birds. Rosemary contains vitamins A, C, B-6, iron and calcium. It can be one of the healthy snacks for your birds.

Vitamin B-6 is beneficial for bird feathers and color. Vitamin A helps enhance bird eye health. Vitamin C supports bone and muscle health in birds, regulates blood sugar and lowers blood pressure. Calcium is also good for bird bones. Rosemary can also strengthen birds’ immune system and improve their blood circulation.

Do NOT feed rosemary to your pet bird as a regular meal, if bird consumes very large doses of rosemary, it can cause serious side effects such as vomiting or cramping.

Not all herbs are safe for birds to eat. Herbs are safe for feeding your pet birds include rosemary, coriander, dill, parsley, basil, star anise, oregano, mint, ginger, Ceylon cinnamon, dandelion leaf, thyme, bay leaf, St. John’s wort, cloves, lemongrass and lavender.

I like to feed my birds fresh herbs. Before feeding any herbs, be sure to wash them thoroughly to make sure no chemical and pesticides on the herbs.

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