【12 Questions To Consider Before Getting A Pet Bird】

A new pet bird is your new family member. Before buying or adopting a new bird, you and your family have to be prepared to take care of the pet birds for their whole lives. THINK TWICE before you get a bird. Check the 12 simple questions before getting a pet bird.

(1) Does your home have enough space or room to place a birdcage for your birds?

(2) Some birds need to play and fly. Indoor and safe flight room, or sheltered outdoor aviary are needed.  Can you provide that?

(3) Some birds, especially parrots, love talking and singing loudly. Will you and your family members enjoy / tolerate the voice/sound from birds?

(4) Birds would get sick like human. Can you take your birds to avian vet if they get sick?

(5) Can you handle the excreta and feathers dropping off from your birds?

(6) Especially for parrots, they love biting wood, paper, anything. They might even bite you. Are you be prepared for that?

(7) Can you tolerate the birds’ smell?

(8) Can you find someone to take care of your birds while you are out of town for a period of time?

(9) Are you willing to spend your time to play with and speak to your pet birds, not to let them feel lonely?

(10) Different birds have its own personalities, they are very clever that you can’t imagine. Some are shy and sweet, some are rude and naughty, some are cunning and funny, some are cool and independent. Can you accept them and take care of them no matter what personalities they are?

(11) Can your family members, who live with you, also accept your pet bird as a family member?

(12) Some bird species have a long lifespan.  Caring for a pet bird is often a life-long responsibility.  Are you ready?

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