【Before-And-After Having A New Birdcage】

Although you can let your pet birds go out freely to play and fly freely inside house all day long, you still need to give your birds a comfortable home with a suitable birdcage, to provide your birds with good quality bed time is a must. Ideally the birdcage should be as large as possible however, not every home has space for a big birdcage. How to choose a suitable birdcage, and what to do after having a birdcage, see below.

  • Birdcages should be made of sturdy, non-toxic materials and no paint, because your birds may eat the paint accidentally if the paint peels off
  • For parrots and some big pet birds, stainless steel birdcage is perfect; For canaries and finches, bamboo birdcage is good enough
  • For parrots, square or rectangular birdcages would be much easier to utilize space for placing food supplies and toys inside
  • Don’t put too many birds in one cage as it will be too crowded; Ideally 1 to 2 birds in a cage is good
  • No sharp objects or frayed rope inside the cage that will possibly hurt the bird
  • Food and water bowls should be placed inside the cage. Don’t place the food and water bowls that the bird can shit on it that would pollute the food and water
  • If you have a baby bird which is too little to eat by itself, don’t just put the water and food in the cage, you need to feed it. Feed them some soft or liquid bird foods
  • Clean birdcage and perch and everything inside birdcage before letting your bird go inside
  • Birdcage should be easy to clean because you need to clean the cage, under tray and the mugs, replace drinking water and food every day
  • A standing perch should be placed into cage for bird to stand and rest. For parrots, don’t use wooden perch, they will destroy it totally
  • When the bird holds the perch, it should have at least 1/3 circumference space of the perch
  • As baby birds can’t stand properly, there is no need to place a perch for them until they grow up
  • Don’t try to force your birds to go into the new cage. Let them have a look, get familiar with the cage. They will be willing to go inside when they know the birdcage is not a stranger or intruder
lovebirds watching each others
  • Some birds may dislike their peers even they are the same species. If this is the case, don’t put them in the same cage. They may fight each others as “enemies”, especially for the same sex
  • Before putting your new and existing birds together, you need to understand the personalities of your birds.  Some birds are easy going but some are not. Some are gentle but some are rude. You need to observe and try your best to understand your birds well

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