【I Get A New Pet Bird,What To Do For My Bird?】

A new bird would feel nervous if they go to an unfamiliar place. They would get sick easily under high pressure. If you just get a new pet bird, what preparation should you do for welcoming your new pet bird? What to do correctly to let your new bird happy and comfortable? Just follow below guideline, step-by-step.

(1) Buy a birdcage. Clean the new birdcage completely before putting your new bird inside

(2) Don’t keep moving the cage here and there. Keep the cage at the same place if possible because birds can remember where their home is

(3) If you already have birds at home, don’t put your new bird in the same cage with your existing birds. Better quarantine the new bird for 1 week, to make sure the new bird has no infectious disease

(4) Always wash your hands after touching the new bird, as you may spread the disease if the new bird is already infected unfortunately

(5) After 1 week, try to let your new bird come out of the cage (except baby bird, you need to take baby bird out for feeding every day). Be reminded to close your windows to prevent the new bird from flying out under fear

(6) Try to give the new bird some food or water when it is out of the cage, start building relationship with the new bird

(7) Don’t be too passionate to your new bird or they may perceive your gesture as too aggressive. Don’t force your new bird to accept all your kindness. Don’t shout at the new bird

(8) After 2 weeks time, introduce your new bird to your existing birds. They might not get along with each other at the very beginning, no worries, they will build their own social network

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