【Clean Cuttlebones Before Serving Your Birds】

Most birds (particularly parrots) love cuttlebone (cuttlefish bone), which has several benefits for birds. 【Why Cuttlebones For Birds?】

You might find cuttlebones on the beach, or easily from seafood markets. You MUST clean and disinfect the cuttlebone, as unsterilized cuttlebone not only smells bad, but is also full of bacteria that can kill your birds.

How can cuttlebone be sterilised? See below.

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【What Should You Do For Your Birds Every Morning?】

Your bird is waiting for you (the bird owner) to get up every morning. Accompanying your bird every morning before going out is actually one of the responsibilities of the bird owner.

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【How To Know Your Bird Is Sick?】

Pay attention to your birds every day. Any change from the normal practice and behavior, that may already reflect some health issues because birds will hide their symptoms until they are in serious condition. Keep bird warm immediately and take them to avian vet as soon as possible if your bird gets sick, or you are not sure if your bird is sick or not. DON’T WAIT because bird can die in 1 to 3 days if no drinking or eating. Here are some common signs of illness in birds.

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