【Why Toys Are Important For Our Birds?】

Toys for your pet birds are just as important as their nutrition. They play a vital role in maintaining good health. Toys contribute to both mental and physical health of your birds. Interacting with toys does not only stimulate birds’ mind, but also keeps them active and engaged physically. Well… anything else about toys that we have to pay attention to?

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【My Bird Loves To Eat Seeds Only, What Should I Do?】

If your bird loves eating seeds but as the owner, you are worried that your bird will be overweight by eating too many seeds, try using oats instead of seeds. Oats are good for humans’ cardiovascular and also good for our birds. Oatmeal is rich in dietary fiber, carbohydrate, low fat, high protein, vitamins and minerals.

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【How To Discourage Birds From Laying Eggs?】

Egg laying is a natural and seasonal process for birds. Female pet birds can lay eggs even without the presence of the opposite sex. A bird with good health and living environment can nurture egg production, but some pet birds do not hatch or even unable to complete the whole laying cycle. This may trigger frequent egg laying practice that ultimately drains them and poses life-threatening health problems such as egg binding and yolk peritonitis.

How to prevent your birds from frequent laying eggs?

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【Why Cuttlebones For Birds?】

Cuttlebones are not literally bones, they are the internal shells of cuttlefish.

Cuttlebone is a very important dietary supplement for birds. Apart from minerals, it provides a good source of calcium to birds in a quick and effective way and is able to meet the birds’ calcium intake requirements.

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