【Why Toys Are Important For Our Birds?】

Toys for your pet birds are just as important as their nutrition. They play a vital role in maintaining good health. Toys contribute to both mental and physical health of your birds. Interacting with toys does not only stimulate birds’ mind, but also keeps them active and engaged physically. Well… anything else about toys that we have to pay attention to?

If you live a busy life, your birds probably spend a significant amount of time on their own. If they do not have an outlet to keep their minds and bodies busy solving puzzles, then frustrations may be built up. Worse still, once boredom sets in, birds may develop some destructive behaviors like plucking out their own feathers, screaming, biting, or doing repeating but unconscious motions such as head swinging.

To keep your birds happy and mentally stimulated, you need to provide different types of toys and keep changing them so that your birds don’t get bored easily.

Birds do have their own thinking. For instance, they will decide what, how and when to deal with their toys. Even a simple object can inspire them to do some imaginative and dedicated play.

Toys can be made from different materials, be they soft wood, hardwood, rawhide, rope, straw, metal, coconut shells and plastic. They can also include beads, bells, nuts, mirrors or be filled with food or wood pieces. Parrots need to chew to keep their bill in good shape. Therefore, toys that are not easily destroyed, such as those made from hard plastic, are great for parrots to chew on.

Ensuring that bird toys are safe is crucial. Always keep an eye on the condition of the toys to prevent something like cracked plastic, frayed cords, paint, coating, pigment and materials from harming your bird or collecting grime.

Beware of your bird will eat too small objects.

Be careful with looped ropes/toys. The circumference of the looped rope/toy must be larger than the bird’s body, or the bird’s head cannot be inserted into the looped rope/toy, because a bird once put its neck into the looped rope and hanged or suffocated to death.

You should keep the toys clean by washing with natural, scent-free soaps periodically.

While you may want to spoil your birds with lots of toys, bear in mind that they do need enough space to spread their wings. So don’t put too many toys in a cage in one go.

Many potential bird hazards exist in your home, you must pay high attention.

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