【How Good Is Hemp Seeds To Birds?】

Most birds love to eat hemp seeds. Although hemp seeds are high in nutrients, they cannot be used as a single food for your birds. Hemp seeds are high in fat and cannot provide the full nutrients needed by birds. You can put a small amount of hemp seeds to birds’ daily food, fruits or vegetables, you can also use hemp seeds as a reward for birds.

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【Can Birds Eat Wheatgrass?】

Wheat grass, or cat grass, is good for humans and birds. Humans love drinking wheatgrass juice, and birds can eat wheatgrass directly because they have beaks. You can grow wheatgrass at home, can be water or soil. Just place the wheatgrass seeds in the water and it will begin to germinate in about a day. You can also put seeds in the soil, don’t forget to spray the seeds everyday.

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【Can Birds Eat Persimmons?】

Some bird owners feed persimmons (without skin) to birds, their birds love eating persimmons and without any ill effect. Meantime, some said persimmons are on toxic list, its tannins may be harmful to our birds. As there are many uncertainties, I would not recommend to feed persimmons to birds. You can choose some other tasty and healthy fruits for your birds.

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