【Can Birds Eat Spicy Food??】

Several friends are surprised that my lovebirds eat chili peppers… Are birds not afraid of spicy food? ?

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【My Bird Loves To Eat Seeds Only, What Should I Do?】

If your bird loves eating seeds but as the owner, you are worried that your bird will be overweight by eating too many seeds, try using oats instead of seeds. Oats are good for humans’ cardiovascular and also good for our birds. Oatmeal is rich in dietary fiber, carbohydrate, low fat, high protein, vitamins and minerals.

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【Why Cuttlebones For Birds?】

Cuttlebones are not literally bones, they are the internal shells of cuttlefish.

Cuttlebone is a very important dietary supplement for birds. Apart from minerals, it provides a good source of calcium to birds in a quick and effective way and is able to meet the birds’ calcium intake requirements.

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【Can Birds Eat Blueberries?】

Blueberries are good for human, they are also good for birds but suggest to offer as snack only.

Reminder: The seeds/pits of some fruits are harmful to birds, please check 【Keep Seeds/Pits Of Fruit Far Away From Birds】

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