【Can Birds Eat Blueberries?】

Blueberries are good for human, they are also good for birds but suggest to offer as snack only.

Reminder: The seeds/pits of some fruits are harmful to birds, please check 【Keep Seeds/Pits Of Fruit Far Away From Birds】

【How Good Is Canary Seeds To Birds?】

One day, I asked a bird food seller, what bird seeds can gain birds’ weight. He introduced me sunflower seeds, hemp seeds, and canary seeds. I were curious, besides gaining weight, what other benefits of canary seeds for birds? I summarize the findings as below from various websites. Small and medium sized parrots love canary seeds, but it is not suitable for large parrots because the size of seeds is too small for them. Canary seeds is high in fat, don’t treat it as regular meal for your birds.

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【How Good Is Hemp Seeds To Birds?】

Most birds love to eat hemp seeds. Although hemp seeds are high in nutrients, they cannot be used as a single food for your birds. Hemp seeds are high in fat and cannot provide the full nutrients needed by birds. You can put a small amount of hemp seeds to birds’ daily food, fruits or vegetables, you can also use hemp seeds as a reward for birds.

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【Can Birds Eat Wheatgrass?】

Wheat grass, or cat grass, is good for humans and birds. Humans love drinking wheatgrass juice, and birds can eat wheatgrass directly because they have beaks. You can grow wheatgrass at home, can be water or soil. Just place the wheatgrass seeds in the water and it will begin to germinate in about a day. You can also put seeds in the soil, don’t forget to spray the seeds everyday.

【How To Grow Wheatgrass/Cat Grass】

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