【Do My Birds Love Music?】

Yes, birds generally like music, and every bird (even the same species) has different preferences, you can try to find out what kind of music your bird likes.

Some studies have shown that parrots prefer classical, pop, rock, folk music, nature sounds, repetitive pop songs, calming and soft music. When the parrot whistles, talks, sings, or chats to the music, it reflects that your bird is happy and enjoys the songs. Some parrots like to dance to fun and upbeat songs. If your birds can’t dance, it doesn’t mean they don’t like music, just because they probably don’t want to (or they don’t know how) to express it.

Studies have shown that most birds (especially budgies) do not like music that is too loud, strong or harsh, such as electronic music, rock music. Some parrots screech and even become scared when listening to electronic music.

Most birds are interested in sound, and having the radio or TV play soft sounds, or play the bird’s favorite music, can help stabilize the bird’s mood and reduce loneliness in the cage. Don’t get me wrong, playing music to birds can keep them caged for long periods of time. In fact, all birds need physical exercise. Most birds love to fly around, but it’s important to keep pet birds flying in a safe manner so as not to injure them or let them fly away. 【Should I Trim My Bird’s Wings?】

If your bird has a bad temper or has a habit of plucking feathers, try letting your bird listen to soft music or find music that makes your bird happy.

My pet birds (lovebirds) love calm, peaceful music and they don’t even resist listening to workout music. What type of music does your bird like?

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