【Why Cuttlebones For Birds?】

Cuttlebones are not literally bones, they are the internal shells of cuttlefish.

Cuttlebone is a very important dietary supplement for birds. Apart from minerals, it provides a good source of calcium to birds in a quick and effective way and is able to meet the birds’ calcium intake requirements.

Cuttlebone has about the same amount of calcium as eggshell by volume. However, like humans, birds need vitamin D to aid calcium absorption. Vitamin D is also called “the sunshine vitamin”, give your birds sunshine every day is necessary. 【15 TIPS : WHAT SHOULD PET BIRD OWNER DO FOR PET BIRD EVERY DAY?】

Why birds need cuttlebones? Cuttlebones enhance bone formation, blood clotting, beak health and fertility, especially for egg-laying birds. By playing with cuttlebones, birds can polish their beaks and smooth the outer scaly layers. Cuttlebone is one of the most healthy and popular items in birds gym.

All birds need calcium. If cuttlebone is too hard for your birds, or your birds have no interest on cuttlebone, you can scrape the cuttlebone into their daily food.

It’s important to have the cuttlebone thoroughly sterilised before giving it to your bird as any viruses, bacteria or pathogens attached to it can cause diseases. The cuttlebones sold in pet shops are usually pre-sterilised and ready to use. If you want to play safe or you have some fresh cuttlebones, you can boil them in water for about 10 minutes. This not only serves as sterilisation but can also remove the strong fishy odour. Simply dry them under the sun after that. 【CLEAN CUTTLEBONES BEFORE SERVING YOUR BIRDS】

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