【Why My Bird Stop Eating?】

There are many reasons that your birds stop eating. As a pet bird owner, if your birds stop eating, you need to figure out the root cause as soon as possible.

Don’t be too worried if your birds stop eating. Check if the following situations happen.

  • Illness? Disease? Injured?
  • Changed birds’ food?
  • Just brought your birds home?
  • Having a new birdcage? Changed the food/water bowl?

Illness and Disease / Get Injured

Like us, birds may lose appetite if they are sick or injured. Sick birds may have several symptoms:

  • Watery droppings
  • Fluffed up feathers when it is not cold (looks fatter/bloated)
  • Lack of energy/sleeping more than usual (reluctance to move)
  • Dropping wings
  • Drinking much more or less than normal
  • Unusual swellings
  • Loss of feathers
  • Unusual bleeding
  • Watery eyes or nostrils

If your birds get sick or injured, take him/her to avian vet immediately. Some illnesses or diseases can be fatal.

Change of Birds’ Food

The reason can be as simple as the fact that your birds don’t like the “new” type of food. That’s why they stop eating it.

Despite a one-off switching, you may slowly introduce the new food into their routine by changing a portion of food gradually over a period of time. Even only a mouthful of the new food is swallowed, your bird can still be benefited.

If they have stopped drinking, don’t wait and take them to the avian vet immediately.

Just Brought Your Bird To Your Home / Changed New Birdcage / Changed Food or Water Bowl

If you have just brought your birds home from a pet shop or a rescue center, they will need some time to adapt to the new environment. Birds will feel more comfortable and safe only after a certain period of time. They tend to be stressful during that period, which makes them lose their appetite.

Similarly, if you change a new birdcage or even just change the water/food bowl, it may be stressful to some of the birds too.

Birds are usually able to adapt to a new environment in about 2 to 3 days. They should be able to restore their appetite when they are happy.

If your bird still does not eat by day three, please take your bird to the vet because its energy level can drop drastically. After all, loss of appetite can be due to other reasons listed above.

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