【Egg Binding In Birds】

Does egg binding happen in birds? Yes. Egg bindings means a female birds is unable to pass an egg that may be stuck near the cloaca or further inside the reproductive tract.

Most female birds have no problems laying eggs.  Egg binding is more common in small-sized birds such as budgies, cockatiels, lovebirds, canaries, and finches.

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What are the reasons for causing egg binding?

  • Pet birds may also have egg binding problem, the risk is higher if single female pet bird has a very close relationship with the owner
  • Bird who especially love looking in the mirror or particularly loves certain toys, that may also increase the frequency of egg binding
  • Excessive egg laying often develop health problems that may also increase the chance of egg binding
  • Young birds laying for the first time, as well as “senior” birds more commonly become egg binding
  • If seeds are the main daily food, or the diet lacks calcium, vitamin A, protein, vitamin E or selenium (e.g. vegetable and fruit) are at higher risk
  • Lack of exercise and having stress from laying environment, all these can also increase the frequency of egg binding

If you suspect that your bird is egg-bound, she should be checked and handled by avian vet immediately. X-ray and surgery may be necessary.

Let me tell you about my lovebird incident. My lovebird could not lay egg for 2 days. She had fluffed feathers, loss of appetite. She leaned on me because she was so uncomfortable. She tried her best to “push” the egg, I could even hear her fart-like sound.

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So what was next? I took my lovebird to an avian vet. After receiving X-ray examination, the vet said an emergency operation surgery was needed immediately because it might be fatal. After anesthesia, the vet broke the egg, remove the eggshell and body residues piece by piece carefully to make sure her abdominal cavity was clear. Otherwise, it may cause serious infection.

If you are not sure whether your bird is egg binding, take her to see an avian vet immediately. Don’t wait and Don’t try to remove the egg or massage the egg out by yourself.

Source: PetCoach, TheSpruePets, Beauty of Birds

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