【Can Birds Eat Persimmons?】

Some bird owners feed persimmons (without skin) to birds, their birds love eating persimmons and without any ill effect. Meantime, some said persimmons are on toxic list, its tannins may be harmful to our birds. As there are many uncertainties, I would not recommend to feed persimmons to birds. You can choose some other tasty and healthy fruits for your birds.

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一些雀鳥飼主將柿子(沒有皮)餵給雀鳥,他們的雀鳥亦很喜歡吃柿子,並且沒有對身體產生任何不良影響。 同時,亦有人說柿子內的單寧可能對我們的雀鳥有害。 由於不確定因素很多,我不建議將柿子餵給雀鳥。你可選擇其他更美味而健康的水果給愛鳥。

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我相信大多數人知道雀鳥是絕對不能吃洋蔥和大蒜/蒜頭。 但是,為什麼呢? 看看以下貼文。

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