【Why My Bird Stop Eating?】

There are many reasons that your birds stop eating. As a pet bird owner, if your birds stop eating, you need to figure out the root cause as soon as possible.

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【Why Do Birds Put Their Food Into Water Bowl?】

If your birds don’t put their food into the water bowl, you are a lucky person. It’s really a headache if your birds love putting food or toys into the bowl because it may possibly “pollute” their drinking water. Bird lovers are used to “monitoring” the water quality and changing it frequently every day.

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【How Old Is My Bird In Human Years?】

We usually consider 1 year for dog equals to 7 years for you. Similar to dogs, birds’ age should be viewed relative to its life span. Different bird species have different life span. Grey parrots have an average life span of 50 years, lovebirds have 10-15 years. I am using a bird with about 20 years’ life span as an example to show you how to estimate its age in human years. You can then estimate your birds’ in human years by proportion.

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