Care For Your Birds

Are you planning to buy new pet bird? Especially for beginners, some general matters of caring for pet birds would be unwittingly neglected.

From how to choose a new pet bird to preparing a birdcage and its daily care, my blogs are going to cover many personal sharing with easy-to-understand checklist for you.

Special Thanks to Iris and Mandez for giving me big help on my blogs.

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Birds Group

About Myself

One of my lovebirds, he was born on a rainy day, his name is Rainy. Rainy is a very clever lovebird that I had never met before. Funny that Rainy loves sticking with me every day. Rainy becomes part of my life and thus I use his name as part of my author name – Parrot Rainy.

I am now having 6 peach-face lovebirds, one of them is Rainy. My first pet birds were budgies. Apart from parrots, I also had a Canary, he was a good singer; a Gracula Religiosa who was a black bird who could speak some Cantonese…., and a lovely Acacia.

Can’t wait to have your sharing, also feel free to send me questions. Contact me.

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