Are you planning to buy new pet bird? Especially for beginners, some general matters of caring for pet birds would be unwittingly neglected.

From how to choose a new pet bird to preparing a birdcage and its daily care, my blogs are going to cover many personal sharing with easy-to-understand content.

I also have a Facebook page and Instagram where you can post your questions and comments. You are also welcome to text me by Messenger or email.

Facebook Page: Care For Your Birds 新手飼養雀鳥指南

Instagram: careforyourbirds


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About Myself

One of my lovebirds, he was born on a rainy day, his name is Rainy. Rainy is a very clever lovebird that I had never met before. Funny that Rainy loves sticking with me every day. Rainy becomes part of my life and thus I use his name as part of my author name – Parrot Rainy.

I am now having 6 peach-face lovebirds and one Japanese white-eye. My first pet birds were budgies. Apart from parrots, I also had a Canary, he was a good singer; a Gracula Religiosa who was a black bird who could speak some Cantonese…., and a lovely Acacia.

Can’t wait to have your sharing, also feel free to send me questions. Contact me.

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