【How To Grow Wheatgrass/Cat Grass】

Some friends asked me how to grow wheat grass (cat grass) for their birds. The method of planting wheatgrass is actually very simple, no matter by water or soil. I am going to introduce you the water-planting (hydroponics) method. I like water-planting because it is much more easier and convenient than soil-planting. You can even have harvest in just a few days. Growing your own wheatgrass is healthier for your birds because the grass is fresh and grown without chemicals. Wheatgrass seeds can be found in the shops/places where are selling plants.

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Find a plastic box with a lid. Open a few small holes in the bottom of the plastic box for water removal.

Put the wheatgrass seeds in the plastic lid, add water to the seeds and wait for about 3 hours.

Put the water-soaked sponge soaked into the bottom of the plastic box.

Put the seeds that have been soaked for 3 hours on the water-soaked sponge. Put the plastic box cover under the plastic box to prevent getting wet.

Day 2, germination started. Give enough water every day to make sure the sponge stays moist.

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Put a net on the plastic box when wheatgrass has certain height, your birds can stand on the net to eat the grass, also prevent your birds pulling up the seeds. Wheatgrass will wither in about 2 weeks, take the time to give the freshest wheatgrass to your birds.

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